BT3 Win Usb Creator : V2


this is a new version of BT2USB4WIN old project 
add many options and is really smoother
Now Fully Support SD CARDS !
vista support with administrative privilege check
some precisions : so what is the difference except it use bt3 ?
i added tray hability 
as i said i rekoded the whole transfert concept
why ? because now you can edit your iso or your rar content (aka add or remove modules) or edit edit syslinux configuration before burn it to usb
you will be also able to create a new iso from your modified iso or rar reliz
INSTALLER DOESN’t MATTER IF IT’S A DVD OR CD RELIZ… both rar and iso files will be mounted in a new virtual disk called z:
this will be accessible via windows explorer
the installer have an option to show you a mod page before burn it to usb
if selected then a new page will show you what you can do :
1 download & install SV goodies pack (my softs bundled)
2 open module folder via explorer, now remove or add new lzm as you want take care because vm disk is limited 1M in order to not overload your virtual memory
3 open syslinux.cfg in metapad and edit it, add your bootcodes , what you want , remove menus etc …..
4 MAKE A NEW ISO WITH YOUR MODS……this can also be used to easily get a .iso file from a .rar dvd/usb reliz
that’s all for the moment so stay in touch
feedback welcome on the new options
BTW sorry but old options were removed
INTL : no language pack ready for bt3 like in my old one(will come in 2.5)
EXTRA : need pack & useful pack option removed as bT3 have all… replaced by sv goodies pack




here is the new mods module


here is the boot option modifier


here is my addons menu


i also added a direct burn to disc (CDR/RW DVDR/RW) after the creation of the new iso


 feedback welcome


5 Responses to BT3 Win Usb Creator : V2

  1. wishi says:

    Where is the dload?

  2. Sh@M@n V1rTu3l says:

    the dl will be available till the end of week
    im cleaning the kodes actually
    This place is really new, sorry
    visit it on a regular time basis because i will update many things here in next weeks


  3. Xeper says:

    This is great! If only you could add a persistent drive, this would be perfect.

  4. Sh@M@n V1rTu3l says:

    thx for your interest

    wait a few days , let’s ay monday, and a new version will be available

    the present one have a speed transfert pb, it’s fucking slow !

    im correcting it & save change modes will be available in this one as well adding the bootcodes in a click in a menu (like old myslaxcreator)

    stay in touch

  5. Sh@M@n V1rTu3l says:

    beta2 relized

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